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Total Desktop Care

With a Total Desktop care subscription we ensure all maintenance of your workstation, whether it be Windows, Linux, Apple, etc... are properly serviced.  From manufacturer operating system updates, internet debri removal, application conflicts to basic software installations.  Prime also provides all commercial grade Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Malware software and licenses as well as the management of these software products.  Remote assistance software supplied by Prime is installed in the case where the end user needs support, we can gain access to your desktop and provide hands-on help witin minutes.

If your network is a workgroup of individual workstations that are not centrally controlled such as a Windows domain, optioally we can provide out Total Backup Care service to be sure all your important files and data are securely backed up in case of hardware failure.

Macs, PCs and Workstations: (Total Desktop Care)


  1. Provide and install Antivirus Software Licenses
  2. Monitor and Manage the provided Antivirus Software
  3. Provide and install Anti-Spyware Licenses
  4. Monitor and Manage the provided Anti-Spyware Software
  5. Monitor and Manage Operating System Patches
  6. Temporary File and Internet Debris Removal
  7. Install and Manage Remote desktop assistance software (for technical support usage)
  8. Provide end user onsite and remote support services through remote desktop assistance software


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